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Cherry Street, Lucas County

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Inventory Number: OH/35-48-U01x
County: Lucas County
Town/Village: Toledo
Bridge Name: Cherry Street
Crosses: Maumee River
Truss type: Howe
Roadway Width:
Built: Sep 1865
When Lost: 17 Feb 1883
Latitude: N41 39.14
Longitude: W083 31.65
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The bridge saw damage from a major ice gorge 17-Feb-1867, when the East end of the bridge was taken. Loaded with ralcars, the C&T RR bridge downstream withstood the onslaught until the gorge broke and relieved the pressure. Another ice gorge 11-Feb-1881 saw additional damage to the bridge caused by the Atmosphere (a schooner). Partially out of control, the previous vessel through the draw, the Mediterranean, had caught on the drawspan and pulled it shut, whereafter the Atmosphere hit the bridge and pulled down a section. The bridge on Cherry Street was again heavily damaged by ice on 17-Feb-1883, when oonly one of Toledo's five bridges, the Lake Shore RR, was spared. The crossing was replaced by a metal bridge in 1884. The crossing is shown as a trestle bridge with a drawspan in one early engraving, however an early stereoview shows a long Howe truss bridge of at least 8 spans.
Clark, Todd. Information received by email, July 2014

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