Documenting North America's lost covered bridges


The intent of this page is to provide a status of this project. It will give a brief overview of information available in each state/province. Areas with no data indicate that only a minimal amount of information is presently available for those states/provinces. 

Questions about the project - contact Trish Kane
Questions about the website - contact Bill Caswell

State/Province Text data Pictures Comments
Alabama On-line    
Alaska On-line some available  
Arkansas On-line    
California On-line    
Connecticut On-line many available Many updates in March and April 2011
Delaware On-line some available  
Florida no known CBs    
Georgia More research needed some available  
Hawaii no known CBs    
Idaho no known CBs    
Illinois On-line    
Indiana On-line many available Coordinates added May 2011
Iowa On-line   80 bridges and coordinates added May 2011
Kansas On-line    
Kentucky On-line some available Pictures from the Traugott Keller collection added May 2011
Louisiana no known CBs    
Maine On-line many available  
Maryland On-line some available  
Massachusetts On-line many available  
Michigan On-line   Coordinates added May 2011
Minnesota On-line    
Mississippi More research needed    
Missouri On-line    
Nevada On-line some available  
New Hampshire On-line many available  
New Jersey On-line    
New Mexico no known CBs    
New York Delaware, Rensselaer, Ulster & Washington Counties on-line, others being compiled many available  
North Carolina On-line   Randolph County pictures added May 2011
North Dakota no known CBs    
Ohio On-line many available Existing Ohio bridges are pictured, we still need photos of most of the former bridges. 
Coordinates to many counties added May and July 2010
Oklahoma no known CBs    
Oregon On-line many available 240 pictures from Oregon DOT archives added in May 2011
Pennsylvania On-line many available Detailed research for this project has been done for all counties.
Rhode Island On-line some available Many updates in March 2011
South Carolina On-line    
South Dakota no known CBs    
Tennessee More research needed    
Texas On-line some available  
Utah no known CBs    
Vermont On-line many available  
Virginia On-line many available  
Washington On-line    
West Virginia On-line   Coordinates added May 2011
Wisconsin On-line    
Wyoming On-line   Only 2 covered bridges known so far.
Alberta no known CBs    
British Columbia More research needed some available  
Manitoba no known CBs    
New Brunswick On-line many available Uncovered wood truss bridges added May 2011
Newfoundland no known CBs    
Northwest Territories no known CBs    
Nova Scotia On-line some available  
Ontario On-line some available  
Prince Edward Island no known CBs    
Quebec On-line many available  
Saskatchewan no known CBs    
Yukon Territory no known CBs    

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