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Barnes Mill, Guernsey County

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Inventory Number: OH/35-30-70x
County: Guernsey County
Township: Cambridge
Bridge Name: Barnes Mill
Crosses: Wills Creek
Truss type:
Spans: 1+
Roadway Width:
Built: 1879
When Lost: Unknown
Latitude: N40 04.06
Longitude: W081 35.60
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Topographic map of the area
Directions: 3 miles north of Cambridge on an abandoned section of CR65.

Barnes Mill Bridge, Cambridge, Guernsey County, OH Built 1879
Todd Clark Collection
The bridge may have gone out with the 1913 flood. Images seen to date (circa 1910) show a ten-panel span with what appears to be a 4-panel addition to the side of the bridge nearest the mill (14 panels total). A pier on the mill side resembles the abutment on the far side of the creek, so the original abutment may have been undermined at some point and converted to use as a pier or a connector structure to the pier may have been replaced with an extension of the truss. Horizontal bridge siding on the 10-panel section and vertical siding on the 4-panel extension section seem to support this hypothesis.
Clark, Todd. Information received by email, June 2016
Wood, Miriam. Ohio Covered Bridge Index, Guernsey County

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