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Wagner (relocated), Columbia County

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Inventory Number: PA/38-19-15
County: Columbia County
Township: Hemlock
Town/Village: Bloomsburg
Bridge Name: Wagner (relocated)
Crosses: ditch
Truss type: Queen
Spans: 1
Length: 62'
Roadway Width: 14'
Built: 1856 (M1994)
When Lost: standing
Latitude: N40 59.935
Longitude: W076 28.965
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Topographic map of the area
Directions: 0.6 miles northwest of jct US11 on PA42, then 320 feet right on Ridge Rd. (SR4004), then 150 feet left on Red Mill Rd. and 300 feet right on left side of Hunt Club Rd.

Wagner Bridge, Hemlock, Columbia County, PA. Built 1856 (M1994)
Bob Sheldon Photo, September 23, 2008

Wagner Bridge (relocated location), Hemlock, Columbia County, PA. Built 1856 (M1994)
Bill Caswell Photo, October 9, 2010

Closed. This bridge was built by Daniel Kostenbauder in 1856 for $162.00. Another account says A.J. Knoebel in 1874 for $849.00, but this may have been a second rebuilding. It was carefully dismantled on March 23, 1981 and placed in storage at the Knoebels Grove Amusement Park for later rebuilding. The bridge was rebuilt at a new site in Hemlock Township in 1994. It now spans a ditch near the entrance to Foxtail Developement. It has no abutments or wingwalls and is said to have a length of 62' at the new site. Although it has been at this location for over ten years, it is likely a temporary site.
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