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Middle, Windsor County

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Inventory Number: VT/45-14-15
County: Windsor County
Township: Woodstock
Bridge Name: Middle
Crosses: Ottauquechee River
Truss type: Town
Spans: 1
Length: 139'
Roadway Width:
Built: 1969
Builder: Milton Graton and Sons
When Lost: standing
Latitude: N43 37.480
Longitude: W072 31.229
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Topographic map of the area
Directions: 0.3 miles west of jct VT12 (N) on US4, then 130 feet right on Mountain Ave.
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Per the Middlebury Register, October 12, 1869, "The middle bridge, though severely threatened, stood the test unharmed, so far as is known." Per the Vermont Standard (Woodstock), October 21, 1869, "The roof of the middle bridge in this village is coming off and it is to remain uncovered. Some think its southern abutment is settling and there is a doubt about its safety, while others think it is all right." Per the Vermont Standard (Woodstock), August 18, 1870, "The middle bridge abutment was completed on Saturday and the bridge put in place upon it. This week the lower wing or abutment wall is being laid and the approach to the bridge filled. The selectmen have raised the easterly end of the bridge considerably higher than it was formerly, thereby bringing it near the level of the street, and we are glad to say will construct upon its down river side a good and long needed side-walk." Per the Spirit of the Age (Woodstock), April 11, 1877, "In March 1845, the Selectmen refusing to open a road from Central to River street across the Quechee, on petition of O. A. Bryant and others a Courts Committee was appointed consisting of Otis Chamberlain of Pomfret, Shubal Russ of Hartford, and Ward Cotton of Hartland, and the road was laid out and the Middle Bridge built the following summer. It was a wise move, and has paid the town handsomely in the increase of property on the north west side of the river. Previous to the year named there was a foot bridge on the site of the ''Middle Bridge," supported by private enterprise. An iron bridge is needed here if any where, as it is in a conspicuous place and has more travel over it than any bridge in town. We trust the town will see the utility as well as the economy of an iron bridge at this point." The bridge had been in the news regularly over the past 5 years regarding its poor condition. Per the Spirit of the Age (Woodstock), May 9, 1877, "Mr. Horace Lockwood will commence putting trusses under the old "Middle Bridge" the last of this week, preparatory to taking it down next week. The new bridge is to be delivered here the 10th of June. It is to be an Iron, truss Bridge and will cost about $2700. Mr. Lockwood informs as that there will not be more than three or four days but what people can cross while the exchange of bridges is being made." The iron bridge was condemned in 1966 and replaced by a new covered bridge built by Milton Graton and Sons. The bridge was built near the crossing and then pulled across the river by a team of oxen in July 1969. It was partially burned on May 11, 1974. Restoration was completed in 1976.

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